This is a page to show all the competitions we’ve run on this site. Below is a list of the prizes we’ve given away so far:

Sept/Oct 2010

Some Dainty Doll Make-up straight from the official re-launch


August 2010

Nicola Eylure Festival Lashes


June 2010

A one of a kind Nicola Roberts Pencil case


May 2010

Dainty Doll Make-up


February/March 10

A large Girls Aloud Poster


November 09 Comp 2

Nicola Roberts Watch


November 09 Comp 1

10 I Love Nicola Roberts Badges


August/September 09

A Large Nicola Poster


July 09

An Ivory and a Porcelain DaintyDoll Foundation



May/June 09

2 Specially made Nicola mouse mats


April 2009

2 sets of Nicola Eylure Eyelashes


March 09

A Nicola Kit Kat Senses T-shirt


February 09

3 Nicola Notepads

©nicolaroberts.org 2008/2012

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